Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Roots 'Undun' Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane Director Clifton Bell Production Company GhettoNerd LLC

Awesome shoot for GhettoNerd Director Clifton Bell for the Roots. All I can say is we got down to business and made a short film that tells the coming of age story of Red a character who was and is a product of so many urban environments that gravitates to desperate acts and whose insight and understanding is not life lived as his life is cut short. This project was particularly important to me in several respects. One I love working with Cliff and GhettoNerd, and Two I love the filmmaking process. Deeper than that though were the subtle nuances that are not readily apparent to the average person. Authenticity is something that I am big on and characters and structure are all intertwined - so we needed an environment that spoke about this condition. Patterson NJ resonated and really provided a great back drop for this story. The action day was the icing on the cake. I love action and 2nd Unit stunts as that's where my Roots are going back to feature film. Love the track Make My and definitely excited about the album. Thanks to Cliff, JeVonne and everyone that was a part of this. A little behind the scenes clip below:

Skype Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Producer Elspeth Brown Production Company NYLAHD

Can't really disclose too much about the creative on this one as its still ongoing - but we knocked out three cool commercials for Skype for their UK agency and associates which was challenging in that there were a number of technical hurdles to accomplish and ensure we met the mark for where they wanted to go post-wise. That's something we are looking to really strengthen in 2012. There are a number of companies that have boutique areas specializing in one aspect of production. We seek to bring all of that under one umbrella and you call one number and we get it done to spec period. You tell us what you want how you want it and we'll make it happen. If we don't have it - we'll find it. And if we don't know about it we'll find someone that does - which is what we did on this job as there was some challenging audio elements. We put together the team that they were happy with. Thanks to Skype and all the surprise bands that were a part of this. Looking forward to raising the bar with more Ad Agencies.

Parade Magazine Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Producer Elspeth Brown NYLAHD Photographer Peter Yang Production Coordinator Trisha Barkman

Awesome shoot for some of America's true heroes. Parade Magazine sought to put together a spot which paid tribute to America's Veterans - the special to commemorate this Veterans Day 11.11.11. General Colin Powell wrote the special essay which you can find here:
It was a real honor and privilege to listen to these men and women of the armed forces and their stories are truly inspiring. I am grateful and pleased to have been a part of this. Looking forward to more dynamic projects with Parade.

Nokia N8 Chicago shoot Elspeth Brown Producer Production company NYLAHD

Nokia N8 Chicago shoot promoting the new Nokia N8 which is actually a pretty awesome phone the 12 Megapixel camera has really sharp image. Producer Elspeth Brown did a great job of following the creative on this which largely consisted of an interactive twitter feed which I can't really share the details of. All I can say is we are proud to be expanding into global markets and doing creative for known brands and increasing the creative span of NYLAHD. In 2012 we hope to really step up the presence as being the company that quality Ad agencies, production companies and independent producers can seek out to create and produce their concepts and content no matter what the scale. We are quietly laying an infrastructure that will definitely garner us as a company committed to excellent work.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nokia and Elle in search of a style correspondent Producer Elspeth Brown Executive Producer Patrick Charlton Agency 1000 Heads

Nokia and Elle in search of a style correspondent was a global competition that received thousands of submissions. It came down to eight participants - all blogging to be the winner of Nokia's Style Correspondent and featured in January issue of Elle. The winning criteria was a combination of fashion blogging and the use of Nokia N8's smart phone to capture the NYC fashion experience. UK agency 1000 heads reached out to NYLAHD to capture the entire experience the eight finalists experience while in NYC during fashion week. It was an exciting week complete with celebrities, fashion shows, dinners, famous bloggers - so famous they name apparel after them! And of course NYC night life. Producer Elspeth Brown did an amazing job considering the amount of locations, production obstacles - such as competing paparazzi, and the run and gun DSLR set ups with separate audio. The team was slimmed down and the footage looks great - definitely looking forward to the edit and more work with 1000 Heads. Special thanks to Nokia, Elle, Mayors Office NYC, Bryant Park, Meg Grogan, Patrick Charlton, 1000 Heads, Elspeth Brown, Graeme Dempsey, Elliott Brown, Kathy Lee

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ace Hood 'Tear the Roof Down' Director Clifton Bell Producer Brendan Cochrane

Back in New York for a quick studio shoot that ended up being changed and changed again for cameo schedules and then a different track. Ace Hood has a really great sound and great delivery. I'll be honest to say when I heard the name and knew the variables I was like another hip hop video who? After listening to the track and seeing Ace perform he will definitely surprise you. I also have to give a special thanks to William Marshall Art Department who is going to be the new 'go to guy' he can build anything and is beaming ear to ear when he does it which means he is enthusiastic about work which I love. Shout out to Clifton Bell who is on a roll!

J Cole Featuring Tre Songz "Can't Get Enough' Director Clifton Bell Producer JeVonne Cortez

I Can't Get Enough of Barbados!!! What an awesome shoot with a terrific crew for artists J Cole & Tre Songz and a surprise cameo.
I wish I could post some of the set photos which really highlight what a great shoot this was but I understand they are keeping a tight wrap on this project until its release. This project will definitely put Clifton Bell on the map for some large scale productions.
I was grateful that Cliff asked me to assistant direct and come down and keep things on schedule. We had a number of challenges one of them being they decided to shoot a completely different video the day before we were scheduled to shoot which left everyone scrambling to accommodate the new treatment. Another challenge was communication. Going into a different country with a mixture of US and local crew with no walkies was challenging to coordinate multiple set ups, company moves and logistics of equipment and resources involved. Despite all the obstacles, I have a new appreciation for the video commissioner who made me a true believer. There is definitely a method to her madness and this video was far better than what was originally proposed. The crew, director and talent really brought this one home. I am really grateful to have been a part of this and it will be stand out work. Brandon Cox DP shot on 2 Epic M's and one exciting detail is switching batteries by Jet Ski when the camera is on one boat and the equipment on another. Special thanks to the people of Barbados who were awesome. I hope I can return there soon!
As an update here is the video:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Imelda May "Road Runner" Director Derek Pike Producer Brendan Cochrane

Imelda May "Road Runner" shot on location in New York City with multiple locations and a roof top performance. I am really excited to have the opportunity to land our first working relationship with Decca, Shameless, Universal UK. Basically its pretty common that LA and other major cities have strong production companies to look to for large projects with short turn around times. New York is pretty open. We seek to be that 'go to company' for every type of production from independent to large scale multi-day shoots. When Decca reached out we only had a few days prep, and there were several challenges as we were communicating with the 6 hour time difference and answers and decision making needed to be undertaken quickly if we were going to be able to accomplish the treatment which involved multiple set ups. Derek Pike was great to work with because he cares about the work and is very focused. A lot of times directors have an idea of what they want but are not conscious of company moves, set up and break down times, external factors that may affect production, and time. Derek literally shot for the edit and was right on schedule. The production was seamless and the dailies look great. I'm definitely looking forward to more projects with the UK. I would also like to thank the Mayor's Office and the New York City Parks Department who were extremely accommodating under the tight turn around given. Special thanks also to the crew who kicked ass on this one: Karl Kim, Bruce Cole, Big Shot Productions, Rob Lau, Film Emporium, Robyn, Natasha, Elspeth, Graeme, Elliott, and Charlie. Stay tuned more to come.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vita Chambers "Phoenix" Producer Roy LaManna Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Awesome I mean really awesome shoot for artist Vita Chambers. I am so grateful to Roy LaManna, Evan, Carl, Christie, Vita and everyone at SRP records for literally letting me run with the project. This was a very well orchestrated multiple location shoot with multiple cameras and production variables involved. I will probably supplement the blog later as I can't talk too much about the actual footage until its released. The footage, track, and the crew worked tirelessly to get the best product given the budget. This one is definitely going to make some heads turn. Big and warm thanks to Vita Chambers who is delightful to work with, Evan, Carl, Christie, and everyone at SRP records, Roy LaManna, Anthony, Max, Graeme, Charlie, Elspeth, Robyn, Natasha, Brian, Marc, the City of New York and the Parks Department. You all made this happen!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Company Expansion

After a six month hiatus Brendan Cochrane and NYLAHD are back in business. There should be a New York Times article coming out shortly which will detail the brief hiatus and which will definitely illuminate the company and personal challenges faced and overcome.
I'm definitely grateful to my fiance Elspeth Brown who held down the company during my absence. Coming from the dance world with aspirations to direct and produce Elspeth will add a different dynamic to the company which I am excited to see as we are already in pre-production on new original programming. We have expanded to a brand new team and are transitioning into original content and new media production. We will of course continue to build upon the success of the music video and commercial world - continuing to build and grow with solid relationships with both companies and people that have gone on to do some great work. The new frontier will see NYLAHD as the premier 'go to' company from everything from commercials, music videos, and viral campaigns to narrative and original programming. We have added some team members which over time you will see blossom and grow as new and exciting projects develop. For now its back to work and stay tuned because its about to be on!