Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Purina Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Producer/DP Tony Segreto

What do you do when the camera package has officially hit the 100K mark - shoot a Purina commercial. Testing out the new Red Pro Primes proved the money is well spent. I read a line that said you didn't compromise on the camera - why compromise on the lenses. They are truly beautiful and and definitely put the camera package in a big league cinema category with the new ARRI MB-14 Matte Box and FF-4 Follow Focus. Shot in Long Island with the Segreto Family - the shoot was really good. The Segreto Family was extremely hospitable and I am grateful for the cooperation and the home cooked meal after we wrapped. Definitely looking forward to more commercials and working in a greater capacity. Thanks to Segreto Family, Sammy the star pup, Purina, JP, Graeme & RED!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Range Producers Brendan Kyle Cochrane & JeVonne Cortez Director Clifton Bell DP Bruce Francis Cole

Range Director Clifton Bell. Another great shoot with Cliff, JeVonne & Bruce. Its a real pleasure producing for this group. The synergy is great and everyone is very mindful of one goal - great work. Range's track impressed me and I am confident this guy will blow up to Ne Yo status. Very relaxed shoot out in Brooklyn. Looking forward to more projects with these guys. More to come.

Fat Joe & Young Jeezy Producers Georgina Prentice, Tony Segreto & Brendan Kyle Cochrane Director Parris DP Matt Workman

Producer Georgina Prentice reached out to NYLAHD for some last minute support on what turned out to be an eventful video shoot. Fat Joe & Young Jeezy "Aha" the track is banging and so was the stylized directing by Parris. If we had more notice we probably could have accomplished a lot more but this seems to be the motto of a lot of music video production these days. They greenlight stuff at the last minute leaving crews to scramble and gather resources at the last minute. Nonetheless everyone stepped up to the plate and the camera jib shots will surely make the video. P Diddy made a cameo and the crew worked well given the amount of people. Matt is pretty exciting to watch. With the right team these guys could pull off some spectacular stuff.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dream Featuring Ludacris Director Clifton Bell Producers Brendan Kyle Cochrane & JeVonne Cortez

Awesome shoot with Director Clifton Bell for Dream with Ludacris. Shot a factory in Brooklyn on Red with a high gloss look relying heavy on Art Department courtesy of Lesley Morphy LAM Studios. Ludacris has to be one of my favorite artists and is definitely a tremendously talented artist. Watching him perform is a real privilege. Big thanks to Clifton Bell, his company GhettoNerd LLC, JeVonne Cortez, Ludacris, Dream, Island Def Jam, Lesley, Factory, Tony, Frank, Bruce and the whole crew. And yes Bruce this is for you - blowing up - more to come!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Johnny & Marcos Director Frank Blanco DP Matt Workman

Great shoot back working with Frank Blanco. Back from his hiatus Frank is back. Johnny & Marcos shoot in New Jersey. Huge mansion, a Mexican restaurant with a love ballad theme and the crew with the big lights. Really good to be back full circle working with old friends and I am looking forward to the rest of this year and working with Frank, Matt and the rest of the crew. Its great when you can go to work and love what you are doing. More to come