Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Roots 'Undun' Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane Director Clifton Bell Production Company GhettoNerd LLC

Awesome shoot for GhettoNerd Director Clifton Bell for the Roots. All I can say is we got down to business and made a short film that tells the coming of age story of Red a character who was and is a product of so many urban environments that gravitates to desperate acts and whose insight and understanding is not life lived as his life is cut short. This project was particularly important to me in several respects. One I love working with Cliff and GhettoNerd, and Two I love the filmmaking process. Deeper than that though were the subtle nuances that are not readily apparent to the average person. Authenticity is something that I am big on and characters and structure are all intertwined - so we needed an environment that spoke about this condition. Patterson NJ resonated and really provided a great back drop for this story. The action day was the icing on the cake. I love action and 2nd Unit stunts as that's where my Roots are going back to feature film. Love the track Make My and definitely excited about the album. Thanks to Cliff, JeVonne and everyone that was a part of this. A little behind the scenes clip below:

Skype Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Producer Elspeth Brown Production Company NYLAHD

Can't really disclose too much about the creative on this one as its still ongoing - but we knocked out three cool commercials for Skype for their UK agency and associates which was challenging in that there were a number of technical hurdles to accomplish and ensure we met the mark for where they wanted to go post-wise. That's something we are looking to really strengthen in 2012. There are a number of companies that have boutique areas specializing in one aspect of production. We seek to bring all of that under one umbrella and you call one number and we get it done to spec period. You tell us what you want how you want it and we'll make it happen. If we don't have it - we'll find it. And if we don't know about it we'll find someone that does - which is what we did on this job as there was some challenging audio elements. We put together the team that they were happy with. Thanks to Skype and all the surprise bands that were a part of this. Looking forward to raising the bar with more Ad Agencies.

Parade Magazine Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Producer Elspeth Brown NYLAHD Photographer Peter Yang Production Coordinator Trisha Barkman

Awesome shoot for some of America's true heroes. Parade Magazine sought to put together a spot which paid tribute to America's Veterans - the special to commemorate this Veterans Day 11.11.11. General Colin Powell wrote the special essay which you can find here:
It was a real honor and privilege to listen to these men and women of the armed forces and their stories are truly inspiring. I am grateful and pleased to have been a part of this. Looking forward to more dynamic projects with Parade.

Nokia N8 Chicago shoot Elspeth Brown Producer Production company NYLAHD

Nokia N8 Chicago shoot promoting the new Nokia N8 which is actually a pretty awesome phone the 12 Megapixel camera has really sharp image. Producer Elspeth Brown did a great job of following the creative on this which largely consisted of an interactive twitter feed which I can't really share the details of. All I can say is we are proud to be expanding into global markets and doing creative for known brands and increasing the creative span of NYLAHD. In 2012 we hope to really step up the presence as being the company that quality Ad agencies, production companies and independent producers can seek out to create and produce their concepts and content no matter what the scale. We are quietly laying an infrastructure that will definitely garner us as a company committed to excellent work.