Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cash Cash Universal Records Director Brendan Cochrane DP Matt Workman

Cash Cash - My first big directing opportunity outside of New York. All I can say is I wish I had a set photographer to capture the shoot. It was a great time and I put together a great team of people. We shot in Hollywood Hills and had performance set up inside a house with a narrative that ended with a really nice pool sequence. I'm very excited about the edit and the way the crew delivered. Big big thanks to Roy Lamanna, John Houston, Matt Workman, Tracy Utley, Shadowcast pictures, Universal, Cash Cash, Tracy, Rory, Nick, Keith, MCM Marc Miller and everyone else who put their effort into this. This is going big league. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Model Shoot Director/DP Ben Jacks

Director/DP Ben Jacks seems to like Inconspicuous Productions camera package and the service we provide. I also enjoy working with Ben and this was a very stylized shoot with Ben putting in some of the best work yet. Shot in black and white in Chappaqua, New York this shoot got some great images. Great job by Ben and the crew. Definitely looking forward to the edit. Shout out to the crew on this one. Now getting ready to fly to LA to direct a music video for Universal Records. Writing and Directing is my main focus so I'm definitely excited for this one. Stay tuned more to come.

Zaq Coldly NY Shoot Director James "Latin" Clark DP Brendan Cochrane

Coming off the heels of a great Atlanta shoot - Zaq flew up to New York to put more work in. We shot in a gorgeous mansion in New Jersey, a hotel, and finished off the shoot at Pyramid with a performance in New York. Shout out to Latin, Justyn Davis, and Chris for the location. Good shoot looking forward to more.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dance Tracks NYC Presents "John Prinz and Friends" Photographer Diana Levine, DP Tony Segreto

Dance Tracks reached out to producer Brendan Cochrane to document an evening with John Prinz and Friends at Alvin Ailey studios. Big thanks to photographer Diana Levine for her great work and courtesy photo. Also special thanks to Tony Segreto for a smooth shoot. Stay tuned more to come.