Friday, December 11, 2009

Rakim featuring Maino Directors Will C & Brendan Kyle Cochrane

A great shoot for legendary artist Rakim. Produced jointly by Street Heat and NYLAHD this video was co-directed with Will C.
The video will premier on World Star Hip Hop shortly. We shot in Washington Heights and in Long Island at a Hookah lounge.
Big thanks to everyone who was a part of this. Special Thanks to Rakim, management, Maino, Will C, Street Heat, World Star Hip Hop, Tana, Kelly, Karl Kim, Tony Segreto and the rest of the crew. Stay tuned more to come.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Marcin Orzechowski Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane DP Matt Workman

The company is now doing business as NYLAHD New York Los Angeles High Definition. In New York just say New York High Def. We believe this will be a more commercial approach and allow for further growth on a national level. Inconspicuous Productions LLC will be geared for feature films and will remain the parent company.
Music video for artist Marcin Orzechowski. Shot primarily in the streets of New York City with a pit stop at the studio for some stylized performance. Good shoot despite the weather. Nice to work with Matt Workman again. Looking forward to the edit. Thanks to Marcin, Matt, Tony and Charlie. More up this week.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Undergrad Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Executive Producer James Johns

The Undergrad is the story of a man recently released from prison who makes his way back to his old neighborhood only to be drawn into a hustlers world where eventually he encounters trouble. Within the story framework is the story of a man who is actually very gifted and has academic promise which goes unfulfilled. The actors were all unknown and new comers - the best to work with. The film was shot on location in Pittsburgh PA in eleven days. This was my first feature film directing opportunity. The people of Pittsburgh were terrific as was the crew. I am very grateful for the opportunity and know that this film will garner some attention. Big thanks and much respect to James Johns "Beans Bling," the whole cast, Karl Kim, Tony Segreto, Charlie Zwick, Zach, John, Matt, Dan, Dan the writer, the people of Pittsburgh and everyone who made this a reality. Looking forward to the rough cut and getting this to screen. More to come.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fabolous Imma Do it Featuring Kobe Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane DP Karl Kim

A really great shoot and humbling experience working with artist Fabolous. There were so many obstacles to overcome and I think we got some awesome footage. Fab was really great to work with and so was the crew who really put forth a lot of effort to see this thing through. I would love to throw up some photos but will hold off pending the release of the video. A few people gave me some good directing opportunities Gordon Franklin, Roy Lamanna, and now Def Jam, Nige, Georgina, and the powers that be.
I really want to thank Fab for trusting the vision, Def Jam for endorsing it, Nige & Georgina for seeing it through, my crew DP Karl Kim who is a machine, Tony, Charlie, Laura Little, Tracy Utley, Marvin, John, Adonis, Drew, Aric, and the Mayor's Office of Film Theater and Broadcasting. Stay tuned for the edit and upcoming projects.

50 Cent Crime Wave DP Brendan Cochrane Director Broadway

Just got a couple of photos back from the 50 Cent shoot courtesy of Diana Levine (also a camera operator 5D) on the shoot for 50. This was an FX day involving some gun and squib stuff that was used within the video for Crime Wave which is an awesome track. We shot at J&M effects in Brooklyn. The rest of the video used different people with predominately the 5D as the main camera. I wish I could have written a treatment for this video that was non-stop action with safe doors getting blown open, pillows to the head and straight crime, maybe soon who knows. Stay tuned more to come.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

iWrapz Commercial Director Roberto Lopez DP Zach Spira-Bauer Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Great Commercial shoot for iWrapz and iphone accessory that will soon be making a big impact on the fashion phone accessory scene. This was a long but fun day with Director Roberto Lopez. Also a far cry from the bullet ridden chicken shack we worked on for his last film Lost Brother shot in Newark NJ. The iWrapz shoot had four locations yes four company moves. We actually did five as we grabbed another West Side Highway jogging sequence. We started out in the meatpacking district working with a Boxer, moved to Wall St., for a shot of an executive with a flashy Lamborghini, moved up to Pearl St, to Brooklyn Banks where we shot some BMX riding, and then back to the meatpacking district for a night model shoot. All permitted and well organized thanks to yours truly. I really have to say the crew was exceptional and everyone worked really well together.
Thanks to Roberto Lopez, Karl Kim, Clayton Coombe, Tony Segreto, Marcin Tyszka, Laura Little, Brandy McDonald, Joe Pickard, Adonis Williams, Marv, John, Justin, Graeme and all the talent. Also want to thank the Mayors Office and Parks Department for all their consideration. Looking forward to some big league stuff coming up. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Red Man 'Coc Back' Director Clifton Bell DP Bruce Cole Producer Brendan Cochrane

Awesome video with Redman featuring Ready Roc by Director Clifton Bell. Reunited with DP Bruce Cole who is always fun to work with. This was a joint GhettoNerd Inconspicuous Production with some real production value thanks to yours truly. Shot on anamorphics with two Red's. Not only did I produce this - but I was in it as well. Got to drive a Lamborghini and tell Redman to go park it after I tipped him a dollar -then he stole it and the dollar too. Lot of fun. I'm a big Redman fan so this was definitely an enjoyable project. The company and myself are growing to the point where we are in contention for some pretty big projects which I am excited about. Stay tuned -more to come and some better set photos next week. Big thanks to everyone who made this happen. Clifton Bell, Bruce Cole, Karl Kim.Tony Segreto, Brian Chamberlain, Sergei Franklin, Charlie Zwick, Lesley Morphy, Pete, Marvin, the guys at Mobile Innovations, Solaia Restaurant and the people of Englewood New Jersey as well as Redman and Ready Roc. Thanks to James Ellis and the guy with white Audi.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tribeca Retail Club - Sarah Seven - Laura Little - Soho International Film Fest Director Brendan Cochrane DP Tony Segreto

A really nice fashion show conducted by Tribeca Retail Club - Designer Sarah Seven in conjunction with Laura Little Productions and the Soho International Film Festival. Shot on Red the footage looks awesome. A very enjoyable event. Some fun moments. Nice to see the Paparazzi backdrop with the company logo. Some big things on the horizon - company won't be to inconspicuous for long. Thanks to all who attended. More to come.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bishop Jordan Director Clifton Bell DP Bruce Cole

And that's the power of prophecy! Great shoot with Bishop Jordan Director Clifton Bell and Bruce Cole. Also was reunited with DP Ryo Murakami. Double Red shoot, back drops, stylized lighting ala Cole and Karl Kim. We shot at Nutroaster. When we got there - there was house music blasting from a house party that ends at 10 or 11 am. I used to go hard but these guys really do it. Definitely love working with Cliff and Bruce looking forward to upcoming shoots. Thanks to Bishop Jordan, Cliff, Bruce, Taj, Ryo, Justin, Tony, Marcin and Karl. Stay tuned more to come.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

J Martin Director James Latin Clark DP Bruce Francis Cole Producer Sophia Leang

What a weekend!! First an amazing shoot for artist 50 Cent which I want to speak more about but which is being kept quiet until the release. All I can say is the track is on fire and the shoot was something else. Next up was James Latin Clark directing a music video for artist J Martin with DP Bruce Cole and Producer Sophia Leang. When I work with Latin and Bruce we have fun. Maybe its because each one of us brings something to the table but we manage to have fun and get the job done well. During this fiasco we ventured onward to another shoot to bang out a House Music Video for Darey Dembo the track "Do Your Dance." These guys had me juking in a house party!! Great shoot, good times. Big thanks and shout out to Latin, Bruce, Sophia, J Martin, John G&E, Tony, and Darey Dembo. Love working with these guys. Stay tuned more to come.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Jay Buena Vida Director Edgar Marrera DP Matt Workman Producer Veronica Salinas

What do you do when you can't shoot in Miami? Shoot in sunny Long Island. Great shoot for artist Jay Buena Vida with Director Edgar Marrera. It was a very good shoot with a good group of people. Despite the long day things went pretty smoothly. Would like to bring a big production back out to the secret location courtesy of Tony. Big thanks and a shout out to Edgar, Veronica, Tony, Matt, Karl, Drew, Chris, Rudy, Blue Magic and me!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cateyes Director Berman Fenelus DP Matt Workman

Inconspicuous Productions LLC provided camera support and playback for Director Berman Fenelus's Cateyes Music Video shoot with DP Matt Workman. Very smooth shoot and I like Berman's producer Liz Haag who was pretty efficient with time management. Cateyes has a good sound keep a look out she will probably garner some attention in the near future. Looking forward to some upcoming projects. Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reverend Ike Testimonial Film Director Clifton Bell DP Bruce Francis Cole

Only one player could tap into a gig that featured testimonials by the famous Reverend Ike. Bruce Francis Cole. With a tremendous eye and a very cool vibe it was great to work with Bruce again and meet Director Clifton Bell who also operates as smoothly. Let me tell you Reverend Ike was a true player - the palace is an incredible place and there is some real craftsmanship in the construction of the place which is huge. We had two Red's and a 40 foot jib courtesy of Mikey Jibs. Some beautifully lit vignettes. Good shoot. Shout out to Bruce, Clifton, Taj, Tony AC'ing on the bartech, the sound guy, Chris and Mike. More to come

Thursday, July 30, 2009

24DP Producer Brian Christiano Director/DP Tom Bracone

24DP reached out to Inconspicuous Productions LLC for Red camera support. Tony Segreto did a great job in representing the company and ACing a "Baci & Abbracci" commercial spot. Big thanks to Joe Pickard DIT and to 24DP for the project. Seems like it was a great shoot and we are definitely looking forward to more projects with these guys. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joe Director Parris Producer Georgina Prentice DP Matt Workman 5D11 Diana Levine

Inconspicuous Productions LLC provided Red Camera and production support for artist Joe and Goreela Director Parris. Nice shoot in a glamorous condo apparently the same one used in "The Girlfriend Experience." This was followed up by a series of exterior shots in Columbus Circle. Great track - looking forward to more shoots.

Chrisette Michele Producers Roy Lamanna & Brendan Cochrane Director Chris Sanford DP Matt Workman 5D11 Diana Levine

A terrific shoot for artist Chrisette Michele. Trendsetter founder and owner Roy Lamanna reached out to produce the Grammy winning artists video. We had a great crew and despite a down pour of rain were able to maneuver some great shots. We had a beauty Salon, a planned series of exteriors, and a performance behind the infamous Cotton Club. Big thanks to everyone who was a part of this. Mildred, Chrisette, Chris, Roy, Matt, Diana, Tony, JP, Karl, Jeremy, JP, Charlie, Justin, Joe, Santos, Beas Royal Salon, The Cotton Club and Curtis.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fabolous Featuring Jay-Z Day 3 Director Parris DP Matt Workman 2 Unit Operator Brendan Cochrane

First 50, then Jay-Z, what's next? With Matt out of town and booked on a job Goreela Director Parris needed a quick solution to capture Jay-Z and work within the one hour window he was given. Everyone knows when you need to make something happen you call one number 917 375-1182. Despite the low lighting and rapid pace we got the shots off. Big thanks to Matt, Parris, Georgina, Blue Magic and Brian who did a terrific job AC'ing. Looking forward to the upcoming week.