Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reverend Ike Testimonial Film Director Clifton Bell DP Bruce Francis Cole

Only one player could tap into a gig that featured testimonials by the famous Reverend Ike. Bruce Francis Cole. With a tremendous eye and a very cool vibe it was great to work with Bruce again and meet Director Clifton Bell who also operates as smoothly. Let me tell you Reverend Ike was a true player - the palace is an incredible place and there is some real craftsmanship in the construction of the place which is huge. We had two Red's and a 40 foot jib courtesy of Mikey Jibs. Some beautifully lit vignettes. Good shoot. Shout out to Bruce, Clifton, Taj, Tony AC'ing on the bartech, the sound guy, Chris and Mike. More to come

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