Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Pick Up Directors Carl Morano & John Carchietta

The Pick Up Directors Carl Morano & John Carchietta. Just completed principal photography with these guys and it was a great shoot with a great crew I was extremely pleased to have been chosen to DP this project and I was fortunate to have a great crew and a talented bunch of SFX guys. Can't really talk about the subject too much until the film comes out - but its not your average horror movie that's for sure. Looking forward to a feature with these guys and getting my film made. Big big thanks to John, Carl, Aileen, Frank, Tony & Roger. Stay tuned more to come.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fashion Shows Philip Pelusi Tela Design Studio Director Ben Jacks

The Jack's Firm Director Ben Jacks reached out to Inconspicuous Productions for 2 days of fashion shows at Tela Design studio featuring Susan Cianciolo and Jillian Lewis. Some notable people in the audience. A really good and smooth shoot. Looking forward to the edit and some more projects with Ben. Fashion is normally not my cup of tea no pun intended but this was a lot of fun and ran really well. Up early tomorrow to check electric tie in for a film. Stay tuned - more to come.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nina Sky Directors Marc Miller & Marc Levine

NIna Sky Relentless Productions Directors Marc Miller & Marc Levine. DP Matt Workman AD yours truly. A great day of jib work with a really nice street location right behind Relentless. I love shooting cobble stone streets. And we got the free wet down thanks to mother nature. This was a very demanding job - with a crew that was multi-tasking on multiple jobs including myself. Big thanks to Frank, Matt, Morgan, Tony, Trevor, Emily and Brandon and Matt. Hope to work with those guys again.
Couple more projects coming up - looking forward to getting my film done. Stay tuned.