Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nokia and Elle in search of a style correspondent Producer Elspeth Brown Executive Producer Patrick Charlton Agency 1000 Heads

Nokia and Elle in search of a style correspondent was a global competition that received thousands of submissions. It came down to eight participants - all blogging to be the winner of Nokia's Style Correspondent and featured in January issue of Elle. The winning criteria was a combination of fashion blogging and the use of Nokia N8's smart phone to capture the NYC fashion experience. UK agency 1000 heads reached out to NYLAHD to capture the entire experience the eight finalists experience while in NYC during fashion week. It was an exciting week complete with celebrities, fashion shows, dinners, famous bloggers - so famous they name apparel after them! And of course NYC night life. Producer Elspeth Brown did an amazing job considering the amount of locations, production obstacles - such as competing paparazzi, and the run and gun DSLR set ups with separate audio. The team was slimmed down and the footage looks great - definitely looking forward to the edit and more work with 1000 Heads. Special thanks to Nokia, Elle, Mayors Office NYC, Bryant Park, Meg Grogan, Patrick Charlton, 1000 Heads, Elspeth Brown, Graeme Dempsey, Elliott Brown, Kathy Lee