Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joey Shakespear Rehearsals

Joey Shakespear back on the block. After being performed at the New York Public Theater as part of the New Work Now Series in 2003 and winning a PEN award Brendan is doing what he wants to do which is direct. Thanks to some talented actors Max Woertendyke and Steven Bennett this play is being performed at Backyart this Saturday. These guys are bringing the play up a notch. On the way home after rehearsal I ran into Mos Def its pouring rain I'm on my bike he's walking crossing in front of me and I'm trying to talk to him about 16 Blocks - it was pretty funny. But he did tell me he's doing something with George Wolfe - maybe the theater scene is back?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dominique Rosario Co-Directors Marc Miller & Marc Levine - DP Brendan Cochrane

Dominique Rosario Co-Directors Marc Miller & Marc Levine. Following on the success of the first video, the team at Scene Interactive fleshed out a full marketing EPK shot both outside their 26th Street studios and inside with green screen. Manager Alonzo made sure to cover all the bases - good choreography and some well kept secret tracks that are sure to make a mark. Keep an eye out for Dominique and Scene Interactive things are heating up.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hey Monday - Director Noah Shulman

Asbury Park Lanes Hey Monday Directed by Noah Shulman produced by Brendan Kyle Cochrane. This was a great video. The song is called Homecoming and the band has a really good sound and I am confident they will take off. MTV's the real word was on set filming the making of the video which was something different. The crew really delivered on this one and for all the effort put into this I think it was worth it. Thanks to Noah, Matt, Frank, Morgan, Tony, Sorin, Mike and the rest of the crew who kept the pace. And especially the the robust extra who so gracefully blocked one of the best choreographed takes to be followed by a bowler who tried to bowl with no ball. Unbelievable!