Monday, June 29, 2009

Damnation Directors Carl Morano & John Carchietta DP Brendan Cochrane

Wow, what a shoot. These photos don't do the film justice. You will have to wait for the film which should be ready by the late summer. All I can say it was a rocky shoot with some fly decision making but was very rewarding and will probably yield the best footage I have shot yet. These guys don't mess around when it comes to horror. Big big thanks to all who made this film happen. Carl, John, Victor, Roger, Karl, Drew, Tony, Brandi, John, James, Margie, and the six foot plus guy with the chainsaw. Stay tuned more to come. Brand new Red package - that baby is going to take it to another level.

Gerald Kelly - Live Comedy Show Gotham Comedy Club Director Dawud Gaston Technical Director Matt Workman

Worked additional camera and sound for a live multi-camera shoot produced and directed by Dawud Gaston for the comedian Gerald Kelly. Reunited with Matt Workman good shoot - looking forward to working with Dawud and Matt on some bigger projects.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Toby Love Producer Brendan Cochrane Director Edgar Marrera DP Bruce Cole

Man! One of the best sets I have ever been on. It was a privilege to be asked to produce this video. I put together a great group of people who really delivered spectacularly. It was the first time I have seen Director Edgar Marrera beaming while looking at a monitor. Truly rewarding. Can't wait for the edit. Big big thanks to Edgar Marrera, Bruce Cole, Ben Jacks, Brian Chamberlain, Marcos Hererra, Brandy Rhoads, Amy Zdudonowski-Roeder, Diana Levine, Tony Segreto and Charlie Zwick. Looking forward to some more videos with these guys. Great work. Stay tuned more to come.

Tion Pri Producer Brendan Cochrane Director Edgar Marrera DP Bruce Cole

This video was actually done the day before Toby Love but I didn't get any pics back until today. We had a great crew and some big league production sets. Big shout out to Director Edgar Marrera and DP Bruce Cole and the rest of the crew who really came through. Also a big thank you to Don Giovanni catering for the great job. Inconspicuous Productions LLC is now officially a RED one company and we look forward to bringing exceptional production value to all the loyal production people who have worked with us as well as break new ground with new clients and companies. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FD "Fuiste Tu" Director Adonis Williams DP Matt Workman

Rock video for FD Director Adonis Williams DP Matt Workman. Its amazing what you can get done with a core group of dedicated people. Group had a nice sound and the location was pretty nice - a Church in Williamsburg - with no hipsters (even better).
Justyn "Charles" Davis the rental guy has been requesting a link to his site so there it is:
Receive a 10% discount from now until August by telling them Uncle Charlie sent you. Good G&E crew and good work ethic.
Lots going on. I even have interns writing to work for the company - that's new! We have some new gear on the way and have expanded production and resources - you are going to see some interesting and exciting projects on the way. Stay tuned.