Friday, January 29, 2010

New York College of Podiatric Medicine Director Brendan Cochrane DP Matt Workman

Awesome commercial for the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. This is probably my most intensive commercial project to date. Multiple locations, a very involved understanding of the field of podiatry, the faculty, students and even an anatomy lab with yes a real cadaver. Very happy with the crew and the school for a smooth a thorough production. Got to meet Henry Kissinger at an alumni's practice on the Upper East side. Great guy! More to come stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dream Water National Ad Executive Producers Brian Cristiano & Chelsea Tillet Director Brendan Cochrane DP Karl Kim

Awesome and humbling opportunity to be offered the chance to direct a national spot for a brand new product called Dream Water which is basically the opposite of Red Bull - it puts you to sleep. So when you are up or can't sleep tossing and turning Dream Water is the solution. Produced by 24DP shot on Red on location in NYC we had a great crew. After this next series of commercials - all of which are going network iWrapz, Dream Water, Flate Rate we may be shifting our focus to solid commercial work. With a feature film under the belt and several music videos its time to charter new waters. Good news is that other companies are solidly pursuing work with NYLAHD and we have some great projects in store. Stay tuned.

La Republika Directors Edgar Marrera & Marlon Pena DP Matt Workman

Blue Magic back in full effect. Fun shoot with Director Edgar Marrera and Marlon Pena. Shot at Michaelson studios on NYLAHD's Red with a set of Anamorphics. Good seeing some old friends and seeing the work in anamorphic. Looking forward to more shoots with these guys lots more in store.

Flate Rate Moving Director Jarett Bellucci DP Chris Walters Production Company 24DP

A fun quick shoot with 24DP for Flate Rate moving which will air nationally. 24DP produced a series of spots that are all original and will start running on Time Warner. Looking forward to more with these guys. Lot of creativity and dedication to work.