Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tribeca Retail Club - Sarah Seven - Laura Little - Soho International Film Fest Director Brendan Cochrane DP Tony Segreto

A really nice fashion show conducted by Tribeca Retail Club - Designer Sarah Seven in conjunction with Laura Little Productions and the Soho International Film Festival. Shot on Red the footage looks awesome. A very enjoyable event. Some fun moments. Nice to see the Paparazzi backdrop with the company logo. Some big things on the horizon - company won't be to inconspicuous for long. Thanks to all who attended. More to come.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bishop Jordan Director Clifton Bell DP Bruce Cole

And that's the power of prophecy! Great shoot with Bishop Jordan Director Clifton Bell and Bruce Cole. Also was reunited with DP Ryo Murakami. Double Red shoot, back drops, stylized lighting ala Cole and Karl Kim. We shot at Nutroaster. When we got there - there was house music blasting from a house party that ends at 10 or 11 am. I used to go hard but these guys really do it. Definitely love working with Cliff and Bruce looking forward to upcoming shoots. Thanks to Bishop Jordan, Cliff, Bruce, Taj, Ryo, Justin, Tony, Marcin and Karl. Stay tuned more to come.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

J Martin Director James Latin Clark DP Bruce Francis Cole Producer Sophia Leang

What a weekend!! First an amazing shoot for artist 50 Cent which I want to speak more about but which is being kept quiet until the release. All I can say is the track is on fire and the shoot was something else. Next up was James Latin Clark directing a music video for artist J Martin with DP Bruce Cole and Producer Sophia Leang. When I work with Latin and Bruce we have fun. Maybe its because each one of us brings something to the table but we manage to have fun and get the job done well. During this fiasco we ventured onward to another shoot to bang out a House Music Video for Darey Dembo the track "Do Your Dance." These guys had me juking in a house party!! Great shoot, good times. Big thanks and shout out to Latin, Bruce, Sophia, J Martin, John G&E, Tony, and Darey Dembo. Love working with these guys. Stay tuned more to come.