Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toby Love - Director Frank Blanco

Toby Love Director Frank Blanco - DP Matt Workman. Great locations Gary's loft Brooklyn and the park under the Brooklyn bridge as well as a Diner and another exterior - yes it was a one day shoot all after coming off a twelve hour job with no sleep.
The only guy in the picture who is not smiling is the guy who hadn't slept for 40 hours. Good job to everyone and especially to Matt and Morgan.

Sean Avolio Don't Fall For Me - Director/DP Ben Jacks

Artist Sean Avolio Don't Fall For Me - Director Ben Jacks. First time working with a Director/DP operator - very good crew and Ben knew what he wanted. Great time and they got some good footage. Looking forward to some more projects with these guys if they had the RGH crew they would be unstoppable:) Thanks to Director Noah Shulman for the referral and I am looking forward to the edit.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Los Fenomenos Director Edgar Marrera

Well there are music videos and then there are long music videos - this was a long music video. The fact that Frank's guys lugged up half the grip truck up six flights of stairs was a feat itself but we are a pretty close knit crew at least so far. There are only so many no elevator 20 hour music video jobs you can do and produce a nine camera event the same day but that's why when you need a producer you call 917 375-1182. I make sure there will be an elevator or a team of Sherpas waiting with a smile. Shout out to Matt who not only worked the whole job but who had to get up in four hours to get on a plane to shoot another music video. The **** we do!

2008 Pan No Gi Championships Nat Hollman Gymnasium

2008 Pan No Gi Jiu Jitsu Championships Nat Hollman Gymnasium. Inconspicuous Productions was hired by a California Company to document the 2008 Championships. We had nine camera operators who all delivered spectacularly. A big thank you to Aileen who oversaw the whole production. Special thanks to Nicole, Paula, Daniel, Lance, Kellon, Tony, Joe and Marc. Thanks also to Andre Fernandes event organizer. Great job to all and we look forward to more multi camera events.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pure MTV2 601 Studios

Pure Director EJ McLeavey-Fisher DP Matt Workman Producer Sean Linehan. Great day smooth shoot very cool and casual crew. They got the work done in an efficient and pleasant day. Matt said something to me which made a lot of sense. You can give someone all the toys - gadgets etc. But it takes the talented one's to really bring out the best. These guys are a good crew that can do that. I enjoyed working with them and hopefully we can do it again. Two big jobs this weekend 9 camera Jiu Jitsu competition and a Music Video. More to come.