Sunday, October 5, 2008

Los Fenomenos Director Edgar Marrera

Well there are music videos and then there are long music videos - this was a long music video. The fact that Frank's guys lugged up half the grip truck up six flights of stairs was a feat itself but we are a pretty close knit crew at least so far. There are only so many no elevator 20 hour music video jobs you can do and produce a nine camera event the same day but that's why when you need a producer you call 917 375-1182. I make sure there will be an elevator or a team of Sherpas waiting with a smile. Shout out to Matt who not only worked the whole job but who had to get up in four hours to get on a plane to shoot another music video. The **** we do!

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Roll Films said...

Ha ha ha ha
You are totally right Brendan.
I felt so bad that day but we had to maker it happen and like you said, thanks to all of you guys effort it was possible.

Thanks a lot!

Dir. Edgar M.