Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Brother" Director Roberto Lopez - Brendan Kyle Cochrane 2d Unit DP

Brother Directed by Roberto Lopez is a short film that has been in production for a year now. Originally titled 2 Piece Meal this film follows the story of several characters as they live out their lives and impulses in the gritty Newark area. Don't want to say too much about the film as Roberto is very passionate about it and has been keeping it under wraps. Filming in probably the most dangerous Chicken shack in Newark was a welcoming experience for all crew associated with this film. I know Matt appreciated it:) Kudos to the guys that sell chicken in Newark and dodge bullets.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Majic Juan - Director James Latin Clark - DP Matt Workman

Another Matt Workman-Inconspicuous Productions Extravaganza. Very cool Artist, Song and Director. Green Screen Shoot in Brooklyn - blocks from Matt's house. Not only is Matt stepping up but the productions seem to be literally coming to him. Ahhh the life. Its great watching a Director ask for more jiggle to an ass - another day of work. More to come. For all you regular Directors your chairs have arrived. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Media at Large Screening Opening

Media at Large is planning a screening of their feature film "Exposed" starring Shashi Balooja. They wanted a corporate welcome to the film prior to the screening outlining the release and the company profile of Media at Large. Director Roger Sewhcomar brought out a smile when he agreed to let me tape cash to the Matte Box. If you want your talent smiling put a twenty under the Matte Box. Its the old horse and carrot trick.

Dominique Rosario CO-Directors Marc Miller & Marc Levine - DP Brendan Cochrane Day 2

Another knock out day with Dominique Rosario. We had an awesome dance chroreography set up on Gansevort Street in Manhattan. Everyone really pulled together on this video and I think it is going to stand out. Dominique has a great sound and a loyal team behind her. Thanks to everyone who participated it was a lot of work and a lot of fun. The blog photos don't do the justice of the footage but hopefully it will be on a network near you soon. Another shoot tomorrow in seven hours, but I'm loving it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 1 Dominique Rosario CO-Directors Marc Miller & Marc Levine - DP Brendan Cochrane

Just finished awesome video with Dominique Rosario who has a great sound and a great look. We had a steamroller crew who fully came together to deliver a great first day. Day 2 tomorrow in three hours. Frank the man from RGH did his thing. Morgan was a trooper and working with the CO-Directors which was a new experience for me really gelled. Despite a dolly with three wheels, the keys getting locked in the grip truck, and lugging a 6500 genny and a ton of grip and electric equipment to the roof, I wouldn't trade this video experience for any other. It was great. I think the phone is going to be ringing after this one. PS new Ultimate on the way!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Max Sainvil to Head Music Video Division at Inconspicuous Productions

After his breakout Directorial debut with the success of Joey Majors "Be Alright" which just got picked up by MTV Europe, Inconspicuous Productions is pleased to announce that it has reached a deal with Max Sainvil to head the Music Video division at Inconspicuous Productions. Max is an award winning filmmaker who has a tremendous amount of talent and is on the fast track to cutting into both the independent film market and music video market. Max will be CEO of Music Videos and will continue to direct and produce both independently and under Inconspicuous Productions.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Wonder of Seesaws Director Ian Fischer

Great short film directed by Ian Fischer. Shot with the Letus Extreme 35mm Adapter and Zeiss/Nikon lens set, and an awesome crew. The film is scheduled to be part of a series of shorts that is strung together as a feature - all having the same dialogue but visually interpreted according to each writer/director's interpretation. Great time filming, looking forward to the finished product. Stay tuned more to come.

Los Productivos Director Edgar Marrera

Just finished a marathon 20 hour music video for Director Edgar Marrera. Great video and a great track. Despite the long hours I really enjoyed working with Edgar and Frank the man behind RGH and the lighting crew. By the time I finished downloading the footage it was three a.m, the job started seven a.m, the day before and then I had another job Sunday shooting a short film. Great job to the crew and looking forward to the video and the release.