Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freddie Jackson Director Clifton Bell Producer Brendan Cochrane

Smooth shoot for R&B singer Freddie Jackson who has a rich R&B classic history. Clifton Bell in the director's chair. Karl Kim DP.
The shoot was very smooth and its always great working with Cliff and JeVonne. Would have liked to see Bruce on the job. Hopefully he will be on the next one. Cliff and Bruce are like that happy family. I'm looking forward to the upcoming projects and venturing into some new creative markets with Ghettonerd and the director/producer team of Cliff & JeVonne. Stay tuned.

JMC Director Luke Biggins DP Parris Production Coordinator Brendan Cochrane

First time working with English Director Luke Biggins. The shoot was for JMC a London artist with additional days in London. Parris DP'd and did a great job. Luke has done hundreds of videos and its always interesting to learn from and work with different directors and crew. I would definitely like to work with Luke on some large scale creative jobs and land some big projects.

Hal Linton "Southern Hospitality" Producer Roy Lamanna Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Awesome shoot for breakout artist Hal Linton SRP Records & Universal Motown. Working with the SRP producers and Roy Lamanna of Trendsetter Media and Marketing was an awesome experience. They had a concept and needed someone to completely bring it to life. They really trusted me with the creativity and shots. I can honestly say it paid off. I might have a new career in R&B. I love it! The whole crew was awesome. Big thanks to Evan & SRP, Hal, Roy, Bernice, DP Karl Kim, Drew, Chris, Tony, Stephen, Brandy and Brooklyn Studios. Definitely looking forward to working with these guys again. It was great!