Monday, November 29, 2010

Eyes of a Blue Dog Dance Promo Director Brendan Cochrane Producer and Creative Director Elspeth Brown

A great shoot for Eye's of a Blue Dog Dance Company. Shot on location at my residence on Red MX this was a dual dance and narrative piece geared for promotional use by the dance company. Getting full coverage was challenging with a set of primes and one camera and having the short light days we are now having but we got it done and everyone worked really well. The dancers were awesome and so was the crew. Big thanks to Elspeth Brown, Eyes of a Blue Dog, all the dancers, Tony Segreto, Charlie Zwick and the rest of the crew. Stay tuned more to come.

Johnny & Marcos Director Frank Blanco DP Marshall Coles

Another good shoot with Director Frank Blanco and Johnny & Marcos. Shot in Sandy Hook NJ NYLAHD provided camera support to Florencio Films. This gave me a chance to test out my new camera cart with back up battery and Mitchell Mount and Monitor stud.
The cart has now been officially upgraded to have a 27" iMac for dailies which is popular in the photo world. I feel confident that with budgets coming back and people demanding the latest and greatest technical support having large scale dailies and the addition of two 17" Mac Books on set color and editing will be a popular resource. Good shoot overall - first time working with Marshall Coles who is very talented.

SuperBlox Commercial Director Noah Posnick Producer Brendan Cochrane

A terrific action packed shoot with The Thrill Mill and Director Noah Posnick for Cra-Z-Art's Super Blox. We shot in Mendham NJ on a large estate with about twelve mini set ups involving Marines, Firefighters, Police, and an Astronaut all descending on a house and making their way to a kids room where they need more Super Blox. Going into the project I was concerned about the daylight and the amount of coverage we needed as well as the transitions and whether the crew could work cohesively to pull this off. Being an effective producer means being able to keep the crew and client happy and get the job done to the T.
The crew I put together did an awesome job - they were flawless. I have to say this was probably the most efficient crew I have worked with to date. Big thanks to Director Noah Posnick, Thrill Mill, Posnick Advertising, All the actors, Cra-Z-Art, Matt Workman, Diana, AD James Fitzgerald, AC Rob Lau, 2nd Dan Brosnan, Karl Kim Gaffer, Jeremy Rodriguez Key Grip, Tony Segreto 2nd 2nd, Elspeth Brown Wardrobe, Chavvah Stuart Production Coordinator and Tara Singleton catering. Awesome job everyone looking forward to more commercials.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Redman "Def Jamable" Director Clifton Bell Producer Brendan Cochrane DP Karl Kim

Redman busting out with another diabolical classic directed by Clifton Bell. This video relied heavily on Art Department and I have to say that Lesley Morphy of LAM studios really came through with some pretty awesome set ups especially given the parameters she was working with. Don't want to give away too much about the video so you will have to check it out but its definitely got some stand out moments. Got a chance to put NYLAHD's new camera cart to the test. Its definitely a production asset and now I have back up battery location power for DIT work. Listening to other producers talk about the budgets of yester year was pretty deflating given the current state of things but with good work comes good projects, people, and opportunities -and that is my motto if you do good work the phone will ring which it is. So again more to come or on to the next one - which I can't post till its out - but I have a bunch of new projects and content coming out so stay tuned.

Ginuwine "What Could Have Been" Director Clifton Bell Producer Brendan Cochrane DP Karl Kim

You know what time it is working with Director Clifton Bell and Ghettonerd LLC. Ever since Bruce Cole introduced me to Cliff we have been on a roll and looking forward to bigger endeavors as the new year draws close. Ginuwine was a relaxed shoot even though we had multiple locations, a driving sequence, two performances and two company moves. The day worked really well thanks to a tight knit crew and AD Knia Bond. Ginuwine was very cool to work with as was all the Church people who comprised the wedding scene. This one will surely bring back some Ginuwine moments. More to come.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freddie Jackson Director Clifton Bell Producer Brendan Cochrane

Smooth shoot for R&B singer Freddie Jackson who has a rich R&B classic history. Clifton Bell in the director's chair. Karl Kim DP.
The shoot was very smooth and its always great working with Cliff and JeVonne. Would have liked to see Bruce on the job. Hopefully he will be on the next one. Cliff and Bruce are like that happy family. I'm looking forward to the upcoming projects and venturing into some new creative markets with Ghettonerd and the director/producer team of Cliff & JeVonne. Stay tuned.

JMC Director Luke Biggins DP Parris Production Coordinator Brendan Cochrane

First time working with English Director Luke Biggins. The shoot was for JMC a London artist with additional days in London. Parris DP'd and did a great job. Luke has done hundreds of videos and its always interesting to learn from and work with different directors and crew. I would definitely like to work with Luke on some large scale creative jobs and land some big projects.

Hal Linton "Southern Hospitality" Producer Roy Lamanna Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Awesome shoot for breakout artist Hal Linton SRP Records & Universal Motown. Working with the SRP producers and Roy Lamanna of Trendsetter Media and Marketing was an awesome experience. They had a concept and needed someone to completely bring it to life. They really trusted me with the creativity and shots. I can honestly say it paid off. I might have a new career in R&B. I love it! The whole crew was awesome. Big thanks to Evan & SRP, Hal, Roy, Bernice, DP Karl Kim, Drew, Chris, Tony, Stephen, Brandy and Brooklyn Studios. Definitely looking forward to working with these guys again. It was great!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fetti "Its a Jungle Out There" Producer Brendan Cochrane Director/DP Parris

Fun shoot with Goreela and Parris for artist Fetti. Shot in New Jersey in an ice hockey rink this was an eventful shoot. Mikey Jibs of NYC jibs came out and brought his skills for the performance which consisted of a motorcycle crew, ATV trickster, Fetti & Co and a sexy lady. You really notice the difference between Red & 7D. You can light it put big lenses on it but at the end of the day Red really pushes the envelope with picture quality. A lot of people may not know that Parris shoots really well. It was his words at the end "I definitely got to shoot more Red." Looking forward to working on a lot more projects with Parris and Goreela. NYLAHD has a couple of things in development so stay tuned. . .

Absolut Commercial Director Jordan Bloch DP Jon Bregel

California came calling on this one. TBWA Chiat Day was finishing up an Absolut Commercial and needed a quick bookend image of New York Nightlife. Producer/Director Jordan Bloch who expressed interest in my producing reached out to see if we could execute the clients wishes. We did. After a couple of false starts and some technical wrangling we got the shot they were looking for and a couple of others which would have made a nice compliment to the sequence. Pleasure working with Jordan, Jon, Tony & Joe. Would love to put together a full creative with these guys from pre-to-post so we'll see what develops.


NYLAHD just upgraded the Red body to Mysterium X. With an incredible light sensitivity and dynamic color range the camera now takes production to a whole new level. You can practically shoot at night with available light. The package now officially consists of the following equipment. So for everyone who wants to know what you get when you rent RED. Here it is:
RED PRO PRIMES 18, 25, 35, 50, 85, 100, 300

Fetti "Its a Jungle Out There" Producer Brendan Cochrane Director Parris DP Sergei Franklin

Steadicam shoot in the East Village for independent artist Fetti for Goreela Inc. Parris orchestrated an elaborate one take tracking shot of artist Fetti as he passes and interacts with an assortment of characters. The challenge to the video was the lock ups. This brought me back to the old big feature days when we used to literally shut down blocks. Unfortunately you need the budgets for that so we were working with a renegade skeleton crew but the crew delivered - to the point where a week later we shot another video for the same track!

Verizon/Samsung Producer Joel Kretschman Director Gabe Imlay & Juliet Rios DP Ivan Abel

Probably the largest job I have done to date in terms of being the GO TO company for Red Digital and camera support services. Producer Joel Kretschman and production company The Wilderness needed reliable camera services with a company that could be on call 24/7 for any issue as well as multiple Reds for a pretty interesting Verizion/Samsung job. The trick to this job was sticking to the creative and shooting revolving phone's with an assortment of backgrounds and textures. DP Ivan Abel did a great job of executing the vision. The commercial is currently running. Clients are also happy with NYLAHD because they can pay by credit card Amex, Visa, or Mastercard and don't have to worry about insurance or pick up and delivery and they can order a la carte or go with packages. Big thanks to producer Joel and Wilderness for the opportunity looking forward to bigger projects.

Emergen-C Producer Joel Kretschman DP Jon Bregel Passion Pictures

Been swamped with a lot of production work to the point where I need to recharge my phone several times a day and pretty much ignore civilized communication - choosing to get right to the point as I don't have time for chit chat. With that said its been a while since I updated the blog. Passion Pictures of London had producer Joel Kretschman and DP Jon Bregel on board to shoot a commercial for the popular Emergen-C. Jon reached out for NYLAHD's Red services and wasn't disappointed. A little known fact about NYLAHD is that the company can supply practically every type of production resource you need - within the budget you are working with. With every Angenieux in New York booked - Arri Master Zoom was the choice and is a fantastic lens. The shoot went really well and producer Joel and DP Jon are both extremely professional and a pleasure to work with looking forward to more productions with these guys.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Justin Bieber "U Smile Producer: Roy LaManna - Production Coordinator: Brendan Kyle Cochrane - DP: Matt Workman

Just got back from a great shoot with Justin Bieber helmed and produced by Roy Lamanna of Trendsetter Media and Marketing. Roy reached out for some production assistance for a studio shoot for the song U Smile. The first day was at a white cyclorama studio in Indiana Matt Workman director of photography. The second day was at his concert in Ohio. First time operating Red Hand held at a concert going from front row to the balconies capturing b-roll and thousands of screaming and dedicated fans. It was amazing to see the efficiency and major production that goes into concert production. These guys live on the road and pack up and break down gear like a swiss clock as soon as one venue is wrapped its on to the next one with everything moving in a convoy. Looking forward to some bigger and better endeavors with Trendsetter. Thanks to Justin, Roy, Alfredo, Millie, Matt, Island Def Jam, Tony, and the rest of the crew who made this a great shoot.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ron Isley "No More" Director Clifton Bell Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Another true player - Ron Isley! Classic shoot with Ron Isley and Clifton Bell. First day was at Avatar Recording studios in a very spacious and stylish recording studio. Matt Workman DP first time working with Cliff and he definitely brought a sparkle to the stylized jib shots. Second day was in DUMBO with a 1963 Rolls the same one used in American Gangster in the scene where Denzel is reminded of pay off's on his wedding day. Bruce Cole surprisingly showed up after shooting a pretty big concert.
The outdoor shots were definitely a nice compliment and I am looking forward to more shoots with these guys MX on the way!

NFCC Commercial 24DP Co-Directors Brian Christiano & Brendan Kyle Cochrane

A nice start to a summer stretch working with 24DP on a Latin Public Service announcement. Shot on Red in two days; first day was at C&C studios for a green screen set up which was the subject on TV. The second day was at Douglas House in Sparkill, New York.
Very well cast and organized. Would definitely like to work on more National spots with these guys.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dream "Turnt Out" Director Parris Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Been so busy haven't updated the blog but the Dream video was shot right after the Rick Ross video. I have never been in a situation where a director is writing a treatment on a plane for a video the following day only to be told they sent him the wrong track. And guess what yes they want a video shot with a boat, Lamborghini, mansion and beatiful girls. Which producer makes that happen? Three is a charm Brendan Kyle Cochrane. Working with Parris and Bruce was a nice reprieve from the hood life of Little Haiti. We got to experience a little of the finer aspects of Miami life which I could definitely get used to. I think when you work with good people and have the tools I can be thrown into any environment with virtually any budget and deliver what the client wants. I definitely love working with Parris and Goreela Inc and hope he lands the kinds of jobs I know he's capable of. Props to Matt for the Fat Joe video looking forward to the next chapter on a lot of stuff that will surely turn some heads.

Rick Ross featuring P Diddy, Fabolous & Styles P "Blowing Money Fast" Director Parris Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane

An eventful video for artist Rick Ross "Blowing Money Fast" shot in Little Haiti in Miami and also in New York this video will surely be an exciting one to remember. There are not too many crew members let alone DP's who can handle true hood life. Bruce Cole cuts his chops in the sewers of inner cities as well as the caviar laced tables of Beverly Hills. That's why I love working with Bruce - not taking anything away from any other DP. But when you know you are in for uncomfortable climate and conditions you need people who are prepared like the marines. That's why people call me. At the end of the day say what you want like me or not I plain straight up get the job done to spec on time on budget with the best quality possible. Having shot and worked with Jay-Z, 50, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Fat Joe the only one left is Eminem - who truthfully I would love to direct for. We'll wait and see. This video was awesome. Working with Parris and Island Def Jam I really saw and learned a few more things which all add to the craftsmanship at the end of the day. There are a lot of directors who forget about the people who work with them Parris is definitely not one of those. He knows what he wants and will give you a shot - you just better be able to deliver. Looking forward to more.