Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fetti "Its a Jungle Out There" Producer Brendan Cochrane Director/DP Parris

Fun shoot with Goreela and Parris for artist Fetti. Shot in New Jersey in an ice hockey rink this was an eventful shoot. Mikey Jibs of NYC jibs came out and brought his skills for the performance which consisted of a motorcycle crew, ATV trickster, Fetti & Co and a sexy lady. You really notice the difference between Red & 7D. You can light it put big lenses on it but at the end of the day Red really pushes the envelope with picture quality. A lot of people may not know that Parris shoots really well. It was his words at the end "I definitely got to shoot more Red." Looking forward to working on a lot more projects with Parris and Goreela. NYLAHD has a couple of things in development so stay tuned. . .

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