Thursday, November 11, 2010

Redman "Def Jamable" Director Clifton Bell Producer Brendan Cochrane DP Karl Kim

Redman busting out with another diabolical classic directed by Clifton Bell. This video relied heavily on Art Department and I have to say that Lesley Morphy of LAM studios really came through with some pretty awesome set ups especially given the parameters she was working with. Don't want to give away too much about the video so you will have to check it out but its definitely got some stand out moments. Got a chance to put NYLAHD's new camera cart to the test. Its definitely a production asset and now I have back up battery location power for DIT work. Listening to other producers talk about the budgets of yester year was pretty deflating given the current state of things but with good work comes good projects, people, and opportunities -and that is my motto if you do good work the phone will ring which it is. So again more to come or on to the next one - which I can't post till its out - but I have a bunch of new projects and content coming out so stay tuned.

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