Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dream "Turnt Out" Director Parris Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Been so busy haven't updated the blog but the Dream video was shot right after the Rick Ross video. I have never been in a situation where a director is writing a treatment on a plane for a video the following day only to be told they sent him the wrong track. And guess what yes they want a video shot with a boat, Lamborghini, mansion and beatiful girls. Which producer makes that happen? Three is a charm Brendan Kyle Cochrane. Working with Parris and Bruce was a nice reprieve from the hood life of Little Haiti. We got to experience a little of the finer aspects of Miami life which I could definitely get used to. I think when you work with good people and have the tools I can be thrown into any environment with virtually any budget and deliver what the client wants. I definitely love working with Parris and Goreela Inc and hope he lands the kinds of jobs I know he's capable of. Props to Matt for the Fat Joe video looking forward to the next chapter on a lot of stuff that will surely turn some heads.

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