Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fabolous Imma Do it Featuring Kobe Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane DP Karl Kim

A really great shoot and humbling experience working with artist Fabolous. There were so many obstacles to overcome and I think we got some awesome footage. Fab was really great to work with and so was the crew who really put forth a lot of effort to see this thing through. I would love to throw up some photos but will hold off pending the release of the video. A few people gave me some good directing opportunities Gordon Franklin, Roy Lamanna, and now Def Jam, Nige, Georgina, and the powers that be.
I really want to thank Fab for trusting the vision, Def Jam for endorsing it, Nige & Georgina for seeing it through, my crew DP Karl Kim who is a machine, Tony, Charlie, Laura Little, Tracy Utley, Marvin, John, Adonis, Drew, Aric, and the Mayor's Office of Film Theater and Broadcasting. Stay tuned for the edit and upcoming projects.

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