Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Purina Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Producer/DP Tony Segreto

What do you do when the camera package has officially hit the 100K mark - shoot a Purina commercial. Testing out the new Red Pro Primes proved the money is well spent. I read a line that said you didn't compromise on the camera - why compromise on the lenses. They are truly beautiful and and definitely put the camera package in a big league cinema category with the new ARRI MB-14 Matte Box and FF-4 Follow Focus. Shot in Long Island with the Segreto Family - the shoot was really good. The Segreto Family was extremely hospitable and I am grateful for the cooperation and the home cooked meal after we wrapped. Definitely looking forward to more commercials and working in a greater capacity. Thanks to Segreto Family, Sammy the star pup, Purina, JP, Graeme & RED!

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