Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Darkest Days "Pornstar Dancin" Featuring Chad Kroeger, Ludacris & Zakk Wylde - Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane DP Matt Workman

My Darkest Days "Pornstar Dancin" featuring Chad Kroeger, Ludacris & Zakk Wylde. Vegas baby!! First I would like to say that this was by far the largest and most intensive production that I have helmed to date. I am extremely grateful to Roy Lamanna and Island Def Jam for the opportunity in directing this project and believe that the work product will definitely be a testament to my ability to deliver big! Shot on location in Las Vegas Nevada, at the brand new Hard Rock hotel this was a very well orchestrated production thanks to a solid California crew led by producers Luga Podesta & Christian Heuer. As this was my biggest directing opportunity, I wanted to pull out all the stops. We had 2 MX Reds, Steadicam, 2 sets of Red Pro Primes, and a 7D PL mount which didn't really see any work. Matt Workman delivered on this and I was really happy with the way he worked with the CA crew. The whole production was seamless thanks in large part to Isaac Heckert who is a terrific 1st AD. I know production and know what I want to see and when people can actualize your vision its truly gratifying. This all could not be possible without a terrific band. My Darkest Days is a kick ass band that will definitely be making a mark out there. The cameos by Chad Kroeger, Ludacris and Zakk Wylde were the icing on the cake. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and I can honestly say the edit is going to get me some big work. The video looks hot!!! I really want to thank everyone who was a part of this project from Roy Lamanna, Luga Podesta, Christian Heuer, Island Def Jam, My Darkest Days, Ludacris, Chad Kroeger, Zakk Wylde, Awesome Matt Workman, Bruce Cole, Isaac Heckert, Sam Brownfield (who if I land an action movie - I'm calling to shoot heli) Paul Samaniego, Rob Roydes, Brett Pawlak, Cedric Martin, Tommy at the Hard Rock, Sundance Helicopters and the people of Las Vegas. This was a truly fantastic shoot and I am definitely looking forward to working with this crew on some bigger endeavors. Stay tuned. . .

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