Monday, May 24, 2010

Pornstar Dancing Color grading session Nice Dissolve

Color grading session for my Darkest Days "Pornstar Dancin" featuring Ludacris, Chad Kroeger & Zakk Wylde. Being ahead of the pack means putting forth the extra time, money & resources that separate you from the regular shoot. I always would hear Matt talk about the significance of post work flow for Red but the magnitude of this never comes to light until you experience two things 1) shooting on Mysterium-X Red and 2) being part of a post- production work flow that is technically able to bring out the best of what you shot. Working with the guys at Nice Dissolve in Brooklyn was an illuminating experience in that I was able to dive in to some of the technical post aspects that go short changed on a lot of productions. This is due in large part to ignorance of the process and budget. Sometimes producers can't afford the work flow. However, my view is if you are going to do something you might as well do it right. After seeing the results of the color grading, and working with Red Cine, and exporting using Red Rocket the result was like looking at footage that had literally been unearthed. A grey film layer is removed and the colors are so much more vibrant that the depth of field, detail and vibrancy are increased ten fold. I am definitely going to make it a practice to employ and good color grade whenever I shoot. There will always be the directors and producers that do the low budget work arounds including on production. What makes our phone ring is quality, service and excellence. After this video you will see what I'm talking about. Stay tuned. . .

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are still doing so well! Kisses to you and Little Bro! Hope to see you get a big budget action movie soon! Keep doing what your doing Bren!