Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Roots "Dear God" Director Jason Goldwatch Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane

The Roots featuring Jim James directed by Jason Goldwatch and produced by yours truly was an exciting shoot that had three days of principal photography in New York. The video features a lot of cab mounts that were all shot on location in Harlem, Bed Stuy and Soho area. Decon Creative Inc reached out to sign me as a producer on what will surely be a stylish video. DP Rob Gilbert and Jason Goldwatch the director shot using the 7D and Red Pro Primes. I learned quite a bit watching these guys work.
Jeremy and Karl did an excellent job with the taxi mounts and I am sorry all I have is the iphone pics which really don't do the set ups justice. This was a very demanding shoot given the budget and three days of principal photography. It was great working with these guys and I look forward to the edit and bigger and better projects with Decon.

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