Friday, August 12, 2011

J Cole Featuring Tre Songz "Can't Get Enough' Director Clifton Bell Producer JeVonne Cortez

I Can't Get Enough of Barbados!!! What an awesome shoot with a terrific crew for artists J Cole & Tre Songz and a surprise cameo.
I wish I could post some of the set photos which really highlight what a great shoot this was but I understand they are keeping a tight wrap on this project until its release. This project will definitely put Clifton Bell on the map for some large scale productions.
I was grateful that Cliff asked me to assistant direct and come down and keep things on schedule. We had a number of challenges one of them being they decided to shoot a completely different video the day before we were scheduled to shoot which left everyone scrambling to accommodate the new treatment. Another challenge was communication. Going into a different country with a mixture of US and local crew with no walkies was challenging to coordinate multiple set ups, company moves and logistics of equipment and resources involved. Despite all the obstacles, I have a new appreciation for the video commissioner who made me a true believer. There is definitely a method to her madness and this video was far better than what was originally proposed. The crew, director and talent really brought this one home. I am really grateful to have been a part of this and it will be stand out work. Brandon Cox DP shot on 2 Epic M's and one exciting detail is switching batteries by Jet Ski when the camera is on one boat and the equipment on another. Special thanks to the people of Barbados who were awesome. I hope I can return there soon!
As an update here is the video:

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