Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Company Expansion

After a six month hiatus Brendan Cochrane and NYLAHD are back in business. There should be a New York Times article coming out shortly which will detail the brief hiatus and which will definitely illuminate the company and personal challenges faced and overcome.
I'm definitely grateful to my fiance Elspeth Brown who held down the company during my absence. Coming from the dance world with aspirations to direct and produce Elspeth will add a different dynamic to the company which I am excited to see as we are already in pre-production on new original programming. We have expanded to a brand new team and are transitioning into original content and new media production. We will of course continue to build upon the success of the music video and commercial world - continuing to build and grow with solid relationships with both companies and people that have gone on to do some great work. The new frontier will see NYLAHD as the premier 'go to' company from everything from commercials, music videos, and viral campaigns to narrative and original programming. We have added some team members which over time you will see blossom and grow as new and exciting projects develop. For now its back to work and stay tuned because its about to be on!

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Now THATS what I'm talking about!