Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'Diggy' "2 Up" Director Clifton Bell - Producers Brendan Cochrane and Executive JeVonne Cortez

A fun shoot for artist 'Diggy' who has a catchy sound and who will probably be rising the ranks of mainstream media if they market him correctly and he continues to produce. I'm probably more familiar with his parents era having grown up in Queens and being a huge Run DMC & Beastie Boys fan but those days are slowly fading and its amazing that kids today aren't even familiar with a lot of the pioneering lineage. Definitely want to express my thanks to GhettoNerd always enjoy working with Cliff and family and a really big special thanks to Canoe Studios who were stellar in there accommodations. BBQ, tiramisu and awesome catering on a hip hop shoot is rare and even rarer done well. The Canoe family are really good people and if I get the big budgets I would definitely like to bring them more business. Thanks to everyone who came out.

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