Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nike The Chance Director Jonathan Bregel DP Khalid Mohtaseb Executive Producer Tyler Ginter Producer Brendan Cochrane

Nike decided to go with a more intimate portrait and a more personalized portrayal of a main character which I think Jon was really passionate about. This second spot is definitely more cinematic in terms of the aesthetics - I miss the sporty action piece but am glad that this turned out the way it did and it opened my eyes both the Variable's capabilities and bold cinema in general. I'm waiting for someone to give me a shot at some real epic Bruckheimer type productions but I think working with these guys we are definitely on the right path. Big thanks to Nike, NYC Mayors Office, NYC Parks Department, Variable, all the athletes, their families, Elspeth, NYLAHD, Hannah, Dave, Tony, Joe and Big Shot Inc. & of course Spike Lee and 40 Acres - Spike I want to work on Old Boy you can shoot it on Epic!! + I have 10 years of real world experience!

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